Rental Conditions



The lessee receives the rented vehicle and accessories described on the front, in perfect working condition and undertakes to keep and drive the vehicle, meet the standards of the Highway Code.
It is expressly forbidden:
a) Transporting people or goods, where this directly or indirectly implies subletting vehicle
b) Drive vehicle unauthorized persons on the obverse.
c) Driving the vehicle's physical condition, caused by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.
d) Use the vehicle to push or tow other.
and) The vehicle to participate in sporting events.
f) Unsealing or manipulate the odometer, must immediately notify the landlord any breakdown thereof.
g) The cochoes not be translocated between islands and penisnlua, or vice versa.
g) The car will be delivered with a full tank of petrol and must be returned full



The vehicle is returned to the place and date specified. Any change must be authorized by the lessor.
Breach of this condition entitles the landlord to legally require the return of the vehicle.




The tenant agrees to pay, in addition to the vehicle rental charges and taxes, determined at the current rates, all fines and court costs for traffic offenses motivated or THE BREACH laws and regulations or ordinances by the lessee. The tenant is responsible for vehicle call, promising to pay the amount of 150 euros in case of loss.
In case of requirement of service of the Company in a different place of the delegation,k provided either by motivios outside the Company (patch, key loss, theft, etc) will have to pay the amount of 60Euros for travel expenses.




The rate includes compulsory motor insurance and supplemental liability warranty 50.000.000 Euros, as well as coverage for loss and damage by fire and theft Vehicle. Taffia not covered under any circumstances theft or damage howsoever caused to the luggage in the car. In case of accident the lessee is exempt from any payment of the damage to our vehicle, such coverage will not be effective if influence of alcohol or drugs.




The lessee shall take the following measures, in case of accident with the vehicle leased:
a) No liability or guilt recognize the fact.
b) Get full details of the other party, completing the form provided with documentation of the car, that urgently to the lessor, even to notify by telephone in cases of serious accident.
c) Immediately notify the authorities if there is guilt of the defendant.




The landlord has taken all precautions to avoid mechanical failures per leased vehicle if it occurs in these, assumes no responsibility for any damages incurred directly or indirectly caused the Lessee, as a result of such failure or breakdown.




The minimum age for renting cars is 23 years and years of driving license 3 years old.




The company facilitate the customer&nbsp requested by a chair , lifts, approved supplements . The lessee or operator will be responsible for the installation and support of these accessories inside the vehicle, as well as the ages of the children that correspond to each child restraint system. Leaving exempted from liability to the company for any damage and / or damage you may suffer such systems




The lessee declares having read and agree with the terms of this contract, both parties submitting to the jurisdiction of the courts of Palm de Mallorca.
Rental Period: A day is considered the 8:00 to 20:00